Reception Services

Apart from the traditional reception which is available for guests who prefer the classic way of check -in and check-out, there are 4 more reception types at hand for our guests convenience.

Contactless Reception

Long before 2020, the contactless reception is accessible for all the guests at the entire group in an effort to minimize the time spent at reception upon arrival. This has proved to be an extremely useful process, especially during the pandemic, in terms of hygiene, safety and compliance with the protocols.

In-room V.I.P. check-in

In-room V.I.P. check-in is also available. You can check-in from the comfort and security of your room without even going through the reception. 

Remote Virtual  Reception 

Αvailable since 2020, the remote virtual reception is  enabling the visitor to check-in without any physical contact with the staff members and offers all the traditional services a traditional front desk offers.

Web check-in (airport type check – in )

Since 2017  we have designed a special airport type web check-in for our winter visitors at Cleopatra Classic. The guest checks-in via their mobile phone. After having successfully checked-in they receive e a unique digital key code at their mobile phone which is the key to their room and that is scanned to the door of his room.