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Our History

Cleopatra Collection started in 1987, by a local family from Kardamena.

The name “Cleopatra” is the name of the wife of the late Stelios Hatziamallos, who started the company. The first of the Cleopatra Collection, now known as the “Cleopatra Classic”, opened its doors for the first time in 1988. In 2004 Cleopatra II opens, it was named Cleopatra Superior, simply because back then, the Cleopatra Classic was not refurbished as it is now, so the second Cleopatra, was superior to the first one.

However, since then refurbishments have taken place in our hotels and now they are all 3* Bed & Breakfast hotels, offering the same standard of accommodation. In 2008 Cleopatra Collection bought Kris Mari, a very historical hotel and added it to our small group. All 3 Cleopatra Hotels, are 3 stars, exactly of the same standard, under the same management and within 100 meters radius. We look forward to seeing you all and to have the opportunity to offer to you genuine Greek hospitality, just like Mr. Hatziamallos taught us…..